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About Nuigurumi travel agency
About Nuigurumi travel agency.
The service name is "mostripbook"
What is Nuigurumi?We call stuffed animal and stuffed toy Nuigurumi in Japanese.
we will guide Nuigurumi to the desired location in the country of Japan and take your Nuigurumi.
Purchase of train and bus ticket and we will take Nuigurumi to the tourist area and take care of the meal.
Participation of more than one is possible,but there is the case want to limit the number depending on the size.
Please feel free to join one of course.we and our fellow warmly welcome Nuigurumi.
About travel
This service has been mainly the free plan.
Please use the model plan when it is limited the travel destination.
For participants
We do not cover group travel.
So, customers will be projected on the center of the photo!  
Bathing stuffed
In order to clean off dirt on the move, We use an air wash with deodorizing effect. Shapeless does not occur because it does not use water.